Let your dreams germinate



    Imagine everything controlled remotely, all the information consolidated and commonsense rules drawn

Internet of Things for your needs

Maintaining, completing, mastering

Maintain all your plants, prepare your seedlings without worry, grow strawberries indoors at any time of the year, bring a light supplement to your plants during the cloudy days, ... our solutions are the next step in gardening

Thanks to the convergence of horticultural, led and radio technologies…

…Make it all become simple

There are no secrets. It's by controlling all the inputs (nutrients, pH, hygrometry, temperature, luminosity) that you get successful in your growing.

  • Forget about insecticides and pesticides
  • Practice healthy culture through an optimal environment
  • Maximize your production

Visit us at le salon du végétal located at Parc d'Expositions in Nantes, France.
19-20-21 june 2018